Mercedes-Benz Canada

Redesigning the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services page



During my Spring 2018 internship at Mercedes-Benz USA, I was tasked with supporting the NAFTA OneWeb team with migrating content from the existing Mercedes-Benz Canada customer-facing website to a new platform using Adobe Experience Manager. I redesigned a total of 8 pages, the most extensive of which was the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS) Canada page.


Background and Research

I began my project by completing an audit of the existing MBFS Canada page. After clicking through the landing page and its child pages, I created a page flow or map of the existing page. We couldn’t believe that the landing page linked to 29 separate pages or documents, and many of them were duplicates.


Design Process

New Page Outline

After completing the audit, I created a new hierarchy for the MBFS page. I made assumptions for the placement of information based on the audit and on preliminary feedback I received from our business partners in MBFS Canada.


First Design Iteration

Using my new outline, I took a stab at the initial design after sketching out wireframes on paper. Because the layout was so content-specific, I decided that it would be best to create a high-fidelity mockup before bringing it to my manager and team for further feedback. Unfortunately, my first iteration didn’t even make it past the first five minutes of our design review.

“It’s too much information for one page.”

They were right—I had condensed all 29 pages of information into one long, scrolling conglomeration that presented the information in a way that was just as confusing as the original design.


Second Design Iteration

Taking feedback from my team, I started on a second iteration of the design. I went back to the original page flow and new hierarchy and started over with organizing the information.


Thus, I broke up the design into six separate pages, including the landing page:

  1. Landing Page

  2. Leasing Options

  3. Financing Options

  4. First Class Protection Products

  5. Customer Resources

  6. About Us



After refining the second iteration, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Mercedes-Benz Canada in Toronto, Ontario, to run a workshop on the new MBFS designs with our MBFS Canada business partners. I learned what it was like to present designs and justify design decisions to a non-designer audience, and I gained valuable feedback for a final iteration of the pages. Overall, I learned how to effectively audit an existing product or page and maintain the integrity of content while maximizing new components. The process was time-extensive but definitely rewarding.

My updated page designs are now live on the Mercedes-Benz Canada website, and you can view them here.