Hi, hello. My name is Beatrice, and I want to meet you.


some things about me.

A 4th-year student at Georgia Tech.


A first-gen American from the Philippines.

An avid coffee-drinker and podcast-listener.


My story is only 22 years long, so I'll tell you all that I know.

I'm a fourth-year student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. I began my college career as a Materials Science Engineer, but after over a dozen coffee chats with some design students, I was convinced that I belonged in the industry somewhere between people and visual design. So I found myself majoring in Computational Media, which is a unique combination of Computer Science and Literature, Media, and Communication.

And I absolutely love it.

Through internships, conferences, and personal experiences, I’ve found that my interest and expertise lies in designing for humans using web-based platforms—specifically, websites and desktop web applications, and I love working in fast-paced, highly collaborative environments (ask me about start-ups!).

I also own my own wedding and portrait photography business, and I'm hoping to leverage my passions for photography, people, and design into my future career as a UI/UX Designer.

So that’s where I’m headed, but you might be curious—where am I from?

Truth be told, I won't know what to tell you. I usually answer with, "I'm not really sure," followed by, "I've been in Texas for a while."

The first 18 years of my life brought me to places I thought I could only dream of visiting. My parents are both from the Philippines, but I was born in Singapore. From there we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and then somehow found ourselves in Paris, France. After four and a half years in Paris, we landed in Moscow, Russia and from there, we moved to Houston, Texas. I’ve also briefly lived in Barcelona, Spain (hello, study abroad!); San Jose, California; and, of course, Atlanta, Georgia.

And the next chapter? TBD. Check back soon :)